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At Estele, we believe in the power of the modern woman.Estele stands for 'star' – and that's exactly what we aim to make our customers with our wide range of designs. The modern woman is a symbol of style and elegance, a testament to her sisters in history who have been sporting jewellery like armour and a beacon of hope for the future. At Estele, we believe in designing the kind of pieces that go beyond a simple style statement – our pieces complete the wearer, and is as much a part of them as their own self. Estele goes beyond jewellery.It is said that there is no love as deep and true as the love you have for your own self. 

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Estele Rose Gold Tone Plated Princess Earrings
Estele Rhodium Plated Dawn And Dusk Earrings
Estele Aiyna Mirror Embellished Hoops Earrings
Estele 24Kt Gold Plated Stud Earrings For Womens

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